Growth-inspired art for the blooming soul

Created thoughtfully and sustainably by Kaari Selven in Portland, Oregon. Hush Poppy was founded in early 2023 and is a sister brand to Kaari & Co, our flagship creative company started by our founder in 2019.

A word from the artist:

My name is Kaari and I am a nature-inspired artist currently based in Portland, OR. Originally from Eugene, my work is inspired by a childhood exploring the glorious Pacific Northwest. In my 20's, I lived in numerous towns and cities on the west coast including Tacoma, Seattle, McMinnville, Alaska, and most recently, Napa, California. Each of these green, natural environments have inspired my work with Kaari & Co.

In 2022, I quietly began making art outside of my usual work for Kaari & Co. My first inspirations were the flowers native to Northern California and the need to challenge myself artistically with a new style. The collection evolved to have a focus on dainty florals and bright pops of color, alongside crisp linework. In some ways, Hush Poppy feels like a divergence from my past body of work - in other ways it feels like a parallel and necessary creative outlet, fueled by my desire for growth in my journey as an artist.

Themes of personal growth and identity are at the core of art offered by Hush Poppy. Wildflowers, the french countryside and a retro vintage aesthetic serve as continual inspiration for this new project.

Sustainability Pledge:

At Hush Poppy, I am committed to sustainable and ethical business practices. Whenever possible, I use recyclable, compostable and repurposed supplies. Our art print paper is made with recycled hemp, giving it a creamy, speckled look. I’m proud that each print is unique, earth-friendly and made in the USA. All orders are printed, packaged and shipped from my studio in Portland. I am as minimal as it gets in my packaging/branding process while still ensuring damage-free transit of my art.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email if you want to get in touch: hello@hushpoppy.com

Photography by Jenny Rogozyan / Floral Design by Bellevue Floral Company

Headshot photography by Jenny Rogozyan / Floral Design by Bellevue Floral Company